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Magnum Autoclub

Services Brand
Industry Automotive
Discipline Purpose, Promise, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Marketing

Experience the Future of Oil Changes: Magnum Autoclub — Trustworthy, Reliable & Fun!


Project Overview

We’ve reimagined Magnum Autoclub’s brand

We’ve reimagined Magnum Autoclub’s brand, setting a new industry benchmark. Through a distinctive logo, memorable tagline, and an engaging brand character, we’ve differentiated Magnum Autoclub from its competition. Our strategic rebranding positions them not just as an oil change provider, but as a holistic automotive solution. Encouraging customers to experience and trust the transformed brand, we proudly present: “Get Lubed Right.”



Navigating the Challenge: Magnum Autoclub’s Quest for Brand Distinction in a Saturated Market.

In a sea of many, Magnum Autoclub sought to rise above. The automotive “fast oil change” industry brims with businesses yet lacks iconic brands. This landscape saw Magnum grappling to carve out a unique space, broaden their offerings beyond mere oil changes, and foster a devoted clientele. The absence of a compelling brand image and catchy tagline further intensified their challenge, potentially sidelining customers in search of a business both personable and trustworthy.

magnum get lubed


Crafting Trust & Distinction: Our Innovative Blueprint for Magnum Autoclub.

Faced with the daunting task of instilling trust and crafting a distinct brand identity for Magnum Autoclub, we harnessed a blend of science and art. Our comprehensive transformation strategy redefined their presence, turning challenges into triumphant brand stories.

But we didn’t stop there!

We also designed merchandise to sell, created lead magnets to bring in more customers, and produced beautiful custom flyers to help promote the brand.

Magnum hoodie
Magnum cup
magnum cup

We even went a step further and fully designed the interior and exterior of their location with the logic of creating at least 3 touch points on every visit that would guarantee a customer would smile.

This helped to create a memorable and enjoyable experience, making people more likely to return for future services.

magnum office


By investing in this brand personality and character, Magnum Autoclub was able to expand their services beyond just oil changes and become a provider of all types of automotive services.

The fun and engaging image we created for Magnum Autoclub has helped them to establish a strong brand identity, build a loyal customer base, and stand out in a highly competitive market. With their new brand image, Magnum Autoclub can now confidently communicate their commitment to providing trustworthy and reliable automotive services with a fun and memorable twist.