It’s A Numbers Thing: Why Data is Important to the Digital Marketing Landscape

When I think about data, I am reminded of what my statistics professor used to say. He would constantly urge us to hand him “solid numbers on a page, since everything else is just an opinion.” Indeed, statistics and facts are what drives the decisions of humanity. Don’t believe me? Take your upcoming vacation to Costa Rica. To determine whether you need bikinis or rain jackets, you will likely pull up data around last year’s weather patterns, right? Or what about that house you are planning to buy. To determine how much houses in the area typically go for, you will likely do a search of other nearby listings. Essentially, data is the stuff of life. We use it, seek it, and share it.

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Technology changes us. Hand touches PC screen

Technology Evolves People

When we first took to the skies with powered flight about a century ago, we could never have predicted the fundamental changes this breakthrough technology would have on our society. In just decades humans went from flitting around in fragile box kites with moped engines to jets to spaceflight. That’s astounding! But those accomplishments are (when put in perspective) simple milestones for future generations to key on. They are sign posts announcing changes beyond what any of us could ever expect.

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Get back up right after taking a shot in social media

Taking Social Media Shots: Thwock it to me!

It was early in the third period when that kid let that slap shot go from about 6 feet away. I remember sliding over for it but I was out of position and had to stretch a leg out to block it. I will never forget that sound when that damn puck hit me square in the cup at about 70 MPH – THWOCK! 

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Digital Marketing in the Moment

Mobile digital devices, led by smartphones have opened up an entire new world of possibilities for marketers. Several years ago, I spoke at the Email Marketing World conference in San Diego about how brands must respect the moment! What I meant by that is that brands must now be aware that because of mobile technology, your message has to be targeted not just to demographics and interest in general but, relevant to what your subscriber may be doing at that moment!

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Digital Marketing vs Thought Momentum

Words and terms such as “tradition” and “status quo” sound rather sedentary and thus, might draw out the conclusion that they have no momentum, but in fact they have quite a lot.

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Is Automation Worth More Than Human Insight?

Marketing automation is the big buzz in the corporate sales and marketing world right now.  Be it B2B or B2C, a majority of medium and enterprise companies are implementing it to one degree or another while the rest struggle at times to understand the urgency.

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The Art of Multi-Channel Marketing

In war, the most effective use of force is a combined-arms strategy. It’s almost impossible to conceive of a victory in modern warfare without implementing combined-arms.

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Marketing at Digital Speed

Change may be the only constant, but the speed at which change occurs is variable and for the most part, faster and faster as time and technology moves forward.

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