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Edward Jones

Services Technology
Industry Finance
Discipline Purpose, Promise, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Marketing

Unlocking Financial Wisdom: Edward Jones Webinar Success Story

Edward Jones

Project Overview

User-friendly financial advice

The Edward Jones Seminar is a simple and easy-to-use webpage built with Vue.js. It allows individuals to sign up for webinars with a financial advisor and also provides access to seminar recordings. By using this webpage, individuals can easily register for upcoming seminars and gain valuable insights and advice from a financial advisor. Additionally, users can view past events and catch up on topics they missed. The Edward Jones Seminar webpage is a convenient, user-friendly platform that provides access to valuable financial education and resources.

Edward Jones


Edward Jones planned to host free online webinars for clients interested in securing their financial future amid the pandemic.

They needed an online mechanism and interactive tool to enable easy registration for sessions with around 400-500 financial advisors. The landing page could not be hosted on edwardjones.ca, necessitating custom domain setup, and the tool needed to support English and French. We had only one month to design, develop and deploy.


At Clearoute, we start by gathering thorough requirements to understand our client’s challenges and objectives.

Due to tight timelines and no client designs, we improved the user experience based on wireframes by involving our UX designer to create high-fidelity prototypes. The prototypes streamlined event viewing and registration. We developed a web application integrated with an online spreadsheet for easy registration management and sharing through a link. After client approval, we had a 2.5-week development window, setting up environments and Vue.js SPA development alongside ongoing UX work. Around 400-500 financial advisors host one session each, with about 30 participants per session. Webinars last 45 minutes, spanning a few months. Advisors use their Zoom or WebEx accounts. The landing page offers filterable options and CASL-compliant sign-up modals with shareable URLs. Registration info is emailed to advisors and stored in a database. The tool is WCAG AA accessible and mobile-responsive. With 2 weeks for development, we had time for quality assurance and client feedback before deploying the tool on Netlify with caching for static resources. We also used serverless functions for email notifications and set up a MongoDB for non-relational database requirements.


Reduced registration time
Improved user experience
Simplified data management
Better site speed
High event turnout