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Elevating Humanity: The Unprecedented Success Story of Humaniti


Project Overview

Elevating Humanity Together

Humaniti is a grassroots Canadian not-for-profit organization providing relief and development services to global citizens. Its unique network of global charities and partner agencies enables a more holistic impact across organizations, continents, and cultures. Built on the values of compassion, service, and collaboration, Humaniti is on an ambitious mission to transform billions of lives and leave humanity better than we found it.

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Launching a successful charity isn’t easy. The non-profit sector is crowded, audiences can be skeptical, and it’s challenging to differentiate against hundreds of competing organizations.

Humaniti started as an idea, and needed to be built from the ground up. It needed a name, a brand, a marketing plan, and a well-oiled operation that can help realize the ambitious goals of its founders.



We built all foundational elements of the Humaniti brand including the name, mission statement, key messaging, and tone of voice.

We also developed the visual identity of the brand including logo, colours, fonts, and photography style. We helped them refine and establish their general vision, overall communications plan, and go-to-market strategy. In addition to the Humaniti brand itself, and the strategy for marketing that brand, we also managed outreach, building relationships with partners and influencers who could help further Humaniti’s mission. We created strategies for fundraising and executed campaigns to reach and exceed desired targets. We built every other department needed to grow a game-changing non-profit brand; this includes establishing accounting practices, managing bookkeeping and financing, auditing reports, setting up divisions in Canada and the United States, and coordinating charters for various projects around the world. We also managed talent, interviewing and recruiting every member of the Humaniti team. We built this brand from the ground up, and couldn’t be more thrilled to witness Humaniti making exponential progress every year, and moving closer to their goal of transforming billions of lives.

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A Monumental Impact: Dollars Raised, Lives Changed

In our journey with Humaniti, we’ve been privileged to witness, steer, and partake in a series of transformative milestones. These accomplishments not only signify the strength and resonance of the Humaniti brand but also the boundless potential and impact a mission-driven non-profit can achieve when coupled with strategic vision and robust execution. – $6M USD Raised Since 2020: Our partnership with Humaniti, which began in 2020, has yielded a staggering sum of 6 million dollars. These funds have played a critical role in amplifying Humaniti’s footprint and fortifying its promise to make an indelible mark on humanity. – $1.3M USD in New Recurring Donation Plans: Stability is key to longevity. The establishment of $1.3M in recurring donation plans ensures that Humaniti has a consistent flow of resources to keep making a difference month after month, year after year. – 600% Growth in Donations: Since the inception of our partnership, donations to Humaniti have skyrocketed, experiencing an astounding 600% growth. This speaks to the power of a well-crafted brand and mission, and how a clearly communicated vision can resonate deeply with a global audience. This journey with Humaniti serves as a testament to what’s achievable when passion meets purpose, and when a brand’s story is told with authenticity and vigor. We’re deeply proud of these milestones, yet remain committed to reaching even greater heights, ensuring that Humaniti continues on its trajectory of transforming billions of lives.