Mobile digital devices, led by smartphones have opened up an entire new world of possibilities for marketers. Several years ago, I spoke at the Email Marketing World conference in San Diego about how brands must respect the moment! What I meant by that is that brands must now be aware that because of mobile technology, your message has to be targeted not just to demographics and interest in general but, relevant to what your subscriber may be doing at that moment!

Brands have to live in the moment

Brands can no longer afford to think simply in terms of quarters and major holiday pushes. Brands must now think in terms of weeks, days and yes, moments! For example, the hockey season just started and the Toronto Maple Leafs actually look great! If you happen to be a sporting goods store, the worst time to send me an offer on hunting or ice fishing gear would be within that time frame where a subscriber might be watching a Leafs game – send them a great offer on a hockey stick or jersey or any product that enhances that experience and you’ve got a winner!

Personal primetime

This kind of consideration is new because mobile technology has increased the time that a prospect is exposed to brands. In other words, AAA time or primetime is all the time – the prime time is dictated by the person and it occurs when they are most receptive.

Moments are signposts to us

Not to get too philosophical but, moments have of course always made up our lives. We key on those moments as sign posts for our journeys through life. There has been a good deal of research in more traditional media such as radio into how changes in stimulus (a commercial or a song being played) create those sign posts in our minds. Of course, in the past, we didn’t have the capability to be right there when those moments happened and the sign posts were planted – now, that’s all changed with mobile technology.

Oh yes you can!

Certainly big data can help you better define who your target demographics are and combined with what you already know about your customers and potential customers, you can create personas so that you have an idea of the moments they may be experiencing and when.

Set your people free!

The idea of micro-moments shouldn’t only be about thinking what your customers may be doing. What about what you’re doing? What about the moments your staff are having? Are you asking them for insight on moment-marketing? Are you sharing those moments which your customers will relate to? When you open those corporate gates and you share those moments, you create new moments for people to remember.

Don’t micro-manage the micro-moments

Technically a moment is defined as 90 seconds so, be sure you understand that you have to pick your moments! Also, understand you don’t have to be there for every single moment – just the ones you want people to remember. After all, there are a lot of those moments in our lives!