Words and terms such as “tradition” and “status quo” sound rather sedentary and thus, might draw out the conclusion that they have no momentum, but in fact they have quite a lot.

Traditional models appear stagnant, but depending on how many years they’ve been established, they carry a lot of “thought momentum” – the desire to do things as they’ve always been done because of assorted rationalizations.

At first thought, it doesn’t appear too hard to trounce such thinking with innovative approaches, but we humans are like water and we often follow the path of least resistance. The majority of battle scars displayed by old lions were probably incurred in their younger days as they were nipped and swatted into the conformity of the pride.

Don’t allow yourself to become what you disdain. Don’t resort to the same old media and marketing tactics just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Playing in the Hyperbole

For example, mainstream media has employed sensationalism and misleading advertising tactics for decades, but that doesn’t mean new media should fall into this same trap. Today’s two-way mass communication means we owe it to ourselves to try and stay above that moral morass.

We’ve all seen how the web can be weilded like Excalibur by trolls and purveyors of fake news online. Please, don’t run that red light just because the other person did it!

You don’t need to use sensationalism if you know how to write fun and provocative headlines.

In social media we exist among the communities we serve and never above them. Something we need to keep in mind to avoid the toxic pollution poisoning the status quo.