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Dating in the Digital Age: Digital Marketing and Online Dating

Where do you think people nowadays meet their significant others? At a bar? A grocery store? The mall? Wrong. The landscape of dating has been entirely overhauled, and its thanks to social media and today’s technology. Currently, the most reliable and convenient way to meet other singles is through dating sites or apps that can be accessed with the click of a button. Indeed, it is this convenience which drew people to use tech as a means of meeting other like-minded people. In addition to impacting our overall means of communication and courtship, dating websites and apps also transformed digital marketing.

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It’s A Numbers Thing: Why Data is Important to the Digital Marketing Landscape

When I think about data, I am reminded of what my statistics professor used to say. He would constantly urge us to hand him “solid numbers on a page, since everything else is just an opinion.” Indeed, statistics and facts are what drives the decisions of humanity. Don’t believe me? Take your upcoming vacation to Costa Rica. To determine whether you need bikinis or rain jackets, you will likely pull up data around last year’s weather patterns, right? Or what about that house you are planning to buy. To determine how much houses in the area typically go for, you will likely do a search of other nearby listings. Essentially, data is the stuff of life. We use it, seek it, and share it.

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It's not important what technology does. It's important what we do with it.